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In the past decade more than 250,000 people have studied at the University of Freiburg and have then gone on to assume important roles in science, business, and society. The University of Freiburg enjoys steadily increasing enrollment and is considered one of the most well-liked universities in Germany.
Donations are an effective instrument for helping the University of Freiburg to fulfill its educational mission. Your money is used in current projects that you consider to be especially worthy of support.

On our "Thank You"-Site, we would like to thank all our donors who supported us financially during the course of the Alumni-Meeting.



Association Projects – The Results of your Donations

The Association Alumni Freiburg e.V. uses membership dues and donations to make studying conditions better, fund student projects, and honor student involvement.
Since its inception, Alumni Freiburg e.V. has helped to support numerous university projects. For example, it partially funded the establishment of the new Student Service Center, the expansion of the Uniseum, and the teaching pavilion on Schauinsland. It has also helped the faculties purchase better teaching materials and technical equipment and provided funding for student research.
A wealth of completed projects provide amply testimony to how efficiently Alumni Freiburg e.V. works to benefit the university and its students – for instance also by supporting student-organized cultural initiatives.

Download information on award proposals here

The university is shaped by its students and their activities. Numerous students are involved in social initiatives at the University of Freiburg. Their efforts serve ultimately to improve the overall conditions for studying at the University of Freiburg. Our students are also involved in social causes outside of the university, and their work also has a positive impact on the university’s reputation. Alumni Freiburg e.V. awards the Alumni Prize for Social Involvement to recognize these students for their efforts.
The Alumni Prize is awarded each year at the “Opening of the Academic Year.” The prizewinning initiative/person receives a prize certificate and a total of 2000 euros in prize money. The winner of the inaugural Alumni Prize in 2012 was the student helpline “Nightline.”

Here you can find further information on proposals and awarding procedures


Donate Directly to a Project You Care About

Your donation helps the University of Freiburg to realize a current project of your choice. You thus support professors and students at a renowned higher education institution. For example, your donation can go to support the University College Freiburg or the “Deutschlandstipendium,” a program that provides scholarships for gifted students at the University of Freiburg. You can find information on our most recent projects here.
Do you want to support a specific faculty that provided you with the education and experience to become successful? Do you want to support a scholarship or grant which did not exist during your course of study but is available to students today? Or maybe you simply want to renew your connection to the University of Freiburg.
Regardless of your motive, your donation will not only help shape the future of your University of Freiburg but will also contribute to its future competitiveness. Your donation creates excellent preconditions for ensuring that the University of Freiburg remains one of the best universities in Germany in the future.

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Online Donatons via PayPal

Now you can also support Alumni Freiburg e.V. via Bildungsspender!


Donate to your University via Bildungsspender

Now you can also support Alumni Freiburg e.V. via Bildungsspender!

Bildungsspender is one of the most successful shopping platforms supporting donations to mainly educational institutions. Bildungsspender is a webpage comparing prices and providing the opportunity to give a donation. Please find our Alumni Freiburg e.V. webpage at Bildungsspender with the link provided below. There you can either search for products you are interested in or visit one of more than 1700 online shops. If you purchase an item with Bildungsspender, part of your money goes to Alumni Freiburg e.V.

Shopping with Bildungsspender does not cost you more money!

Bildungsspender is a transparent company: Before buying a product, you can see how much you donate to Alumni Freiburg e.V. with your purchase and how much money goes to Bildungsspender.

Via Bildungsspender you can access numerous online shops such as, Bonprix,, Decathlon, eBay, Expedia, Galeria Kaufhof, IKEA, Lufthansa, MediaMarkt, Tchibo and Thalia. More than 1700 shops are supported by Bildungsspender.

Furthermore, Bildungsspender offers a plug-in which informs you when you may support Alumni Freiburg e.V. with your current shopping. Please click here to download the plug-in for your browser.



The Alumni Endowment: Donate and Become a Part of Freiburg’s Academic Future

A progressive university requires a growing support network. The alumni endowment creates an important connection between former and current students. You can create your own endowment for a specific department or project or donate to the general fund of the alumni endowment. We would be happy to allocate your donation according to your personal wishes.
To be a donor means to help shape our future. After all, the university plays a major role in defining many aspects of the city of Freiburg and makes a statewide impact on Baden-Württemberg’s educational landscape. It attracts academics and students from around the world and creates an open, international climate that encourages the development of friendships, research communities, and partnerships in various faculties.
You enjoy full freedom to determine which cause you wish to support: Whether you choose to contribute to the base endowment fund, support a scholarship, visiting scholar, or specific project or create an endowed professorship in your name, your financial contribution will have a long-term impact and yield good results.
We would be happy to advise you.