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Cooperation with the Faculties

Alumni Freiburg e.V. cooperates closely with the University of Freiburg’s faculties to stay in touch with current students and future alumni and alumnae. Alumni Freiburg e.V. supports faculty and student projects, for instance by providing travel grants for academic excursions and conferences or by purchasing teaching material. In this way, Alumni Freiburg e.V. contributes to improving the conditions for study at all faculties.

Effort and Involvement Pay Off

Each year Alumni Freiburg e.V. asks the faculties to select students from their departments to receive alumni prizes for outstanding academic achievements and social involvement. The purpose of these prizes is to recognize student achievement and involvement. The next page provides a list of previous winners of the prizes.



Alumni Prizes for Excellent Students

Achievement pays off at the University of Freiburg. Many faculties award alumni prizes for outstanding academic achievements or social involvement.

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