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Being a member of the Alumni Freiburg e.V. means to promote positive changes.

With your help we support students with excellent marks, or who are exceptionally involved in community engagement, as well as the “Deutschlandstipendium” and organisations of our university. This website can give you an overview of the projects which we have already supported with your donations.
For more information on the projects we currently support, please click here.



Nightline Freiburg e.V.

Exam stress, research paper deadlines, lovesickness, difficulty finding a place to live, and a tight student budget – these are worries that can give Freiburg students sleepless nights. But thankfully there is a place for them to turn to: the "Nightline," an anonymous telephone and email helpline staffed by students trained in active listening.
Founded in 2002, the association now has 40 student volunteers helping students with their problems and worries every evening from 8 p.m. to midnight. The Nightline already received the Alumni Prize for Social Involvement in 2012 (more information here).
As part of our 2016 fundraising campaign, the board of directors of Alumni Freiburg e.V. asked for donations to support the student helpline.
Further Information:
Nightline-Flyer (in German)
Article on the Nightline in uni'leben (in German)

University College Freiburg

Former students of the University of Freiburg have supported the University College Freiburg with Alumni Freiburg e.V.. The UCF’s Bachelor program Liberal Arts and Sciences provides research-oriented and international teaching, while offering the opportunity to look into different academic fields before deciding on a Major. Due to this interdisciplinary education, talented students are being prepared for their future in the best way possible: Not only do they receive academic training in one particular Major but also they learn to think and act across academic fields. Together with our alumni we were able to support the University College Freiburg with 7460€. You can find more information about the UCF here.

Alumni Prize for Social Involvement 2016

Alumni Freiburg e.V. awards annually a student or a student group for their social commitment. In 2016, two students received the prize: Raphael Siepe was rewarded for his dedication with “Kinderherzen retten e.V.” and Giorgi Gelantia for establishing a platform for economics students.

Giorgi Gelantia Raphael Siepe

Fotos: Giorgi Gelantia and Raphael Siepe are the award recipients of the Alumni Prize for Social Involvement 2016.

The goal of the cloud was to provide a platform to allow students of economics and business administration at the University of Freiburg to share their writings and summaries with each other. The platform is now used by more than 1200 students, and the community is still growing! more... (in German)

The organization “Kinderherzen retten e.V.” has therefore committed itself to enabling children with heart defects from less developed countries to receive this life-saving treatment. A majority of the young patients are flown to Germany with a parent and treated at the University Heart Center Freiburg–Bad Krozingen. Since its establishment in 2002, the organization “Kinderherzen retten e.V.” has successfully treated more than 200 children and thus given them the chance to lead a healthy life. more... (in German)



Christmas Fundraising Campagin 2015: Students Help Refugees


As part of our Christmas Fundraising Campaign 2015, the booster association Alumni Freiburg e.V. was collecting donations to support student refugee aid projects at the University of Freiburg. "Enable our students to give the refugees courage and new prospects and to help shape the changing world we are living in – with head and heart," said Rector Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Schiewer.
Flyer with more information
• Cover story on refugees in the 05/2015 issue of the university newspaper uni’leben (in German)
Statement by Initiative Schlüsselmensch e.V.
• Information about the German Class for Refugees, which was organised by the Institute for Ethnology (in German)
• Another project that was supported by the Christmas Fundraising Campaign 2015 was the initative Wissen + Welcome, which received 1500€. (text in German)

Alumni Prize for Social Involvement


For eductation, for development, for normality: the student organisation "Studying without borders" supports students in war zones in Africa and Asia with scholarships and by funding academic projects. Alumni Freiburg e.V. has awarded the organisation the Alumni Prize for Social Involvement 2015. more...



Fundraising Campaign 2014: The Deutschlandstipendium

On behalf of ALUMNI FREIBURG e.V., I would like to thank all alumni for their generous support of our donation project in support of the “Deutschlandstipendium” (Germany Scholarship).
Alumni Freiburg e.V. received 73,800 € in support of the “Deutschlandstipendium” funding project for the year 2014.
As a condition of the scholarship, the federal government has to match every euro you donate to us. The more donations we receive, the more funding we can request from the federal government for University of Freiburg students.
Students of all faculties are eligible to apply for the Deutschlandstipendium. The most important selection criterion is academic performance, but students who have overcome unfavorable life circumstances also receive special consideration. Your donation will enable us this year to once again provide highly motivated students with scholarships, recognize their achievement, and give them the freedom they need to study and conduct research.
I am very grateful for your contribution – and so are the students, as you can see by reading their statements below. We are happy to pass their thanks on to you.


Alumni Prize for Social Involvement 2014


The booster association Alumni Freiburg e. V. recognizes students of the University of Freiburg for outstanding volunteer work with the Alumni Prize for Social Involvement in order to show that supporting social causes is worth the effort. This year the prize went to Dunja Khoury, who has provided exemplary support for the victims of the Syrian conflict with the organization Barada Syrienhilfe e. V. more...


Alumni Prize for Social Involvement 2013


This year the booster association Alumni Freiburg e.V. awarded the “Alumni Prize for Social Involvement” to students for the second time. This year’s prize was awarded to “Initiative Schlüsselmensch” and the project “Mit Sicherheit verliebt” at the official opening of the academic year on 23 October.
In a speech commemorating the prizewinners at the official opening of the academic year, Professor Schiewer expressed his great pleasure at the large number of students who had been nominated for the prize for all kinds involvement at and outside of the university and said that the decision had therefore been difficult to make.
This year’s first prize went to “Initiative Schlüsselmensch” (roughly, the “key person initiative”). The student members of “Initiative Schlüsselmensch” support refugees by finding sponsors for children from the St. Christoph refugee home in Freiburg. An important part of their work is helping the children with homework assignments, placing special emphasis on the German language. In addition, the sponsors regularly organize activities for the children, including outings in the city and the surrounding countryside, trips to the movie theater, and soccer practice.
The 500-euro second “Alumni Prize for Social Involvement” was awarded to the project “Mit Sicherheit verliebt” (a play on words meaning both “definitely in love” and “safely in love”), organized by the student committee at the Faculty of Medicine. The students offer sex education lessons to school students at all types of schools. Twenty students visited sixth to ninth grade classes at 13 Freiburg schools last summer semester. The students have now succeeded in establishing a long-term and broad collaboration with the Staudinger Gesamtschule in which they will give the lessons to all of the school’s eighth grade classes each year.



Stay Scholarship

Alumni Freiburg e.V. was again able to award a Stay Scholarship worth 18,000 € this year and help a young female habilitation candidate continue her academic career. The scholarship program is part of the University of Freiburg’s concept for creating a family-friendly university.

Funding Projects 2012

The Doctoral Candidate Forum provides a place for academic and personal exchange and enables young researchers at the University of Freiburg to perceive themselves as a more closely knit group. The booster association Alumni Freiburg e.V. has pledged to fund and support this forum. By making a donation, you can also contribute to the achievement of the project of your choice at your alma mater. more...

Alumni Prize for Social Involvement 2012

Nightline Freiburg


Nightline Freiburg is a listening and information helpline for Freiburg students. The student initiative received the 2012 Alumni Prize from the booster association Alumni Freiburg e.V. more...



Funding Projects 2011: Student Service Center

Getting information used to be a long and complicated process for both current and prospective students. It was necessary to visit each service department separately, and a tiring trek through Freiburg was unavoidable. Luckily, this is now a thing of the past. The new Service Center Studium (SCS) unites all student service departments of the University of Freiburg under a single roof: the Central Academic Advising Office, International Admissions and Services, the Registration Office, the Center for Teacher Education, Career Services in cooperation with the Freiburg Employment Agency, the UniCard team, the Media Center, and the university’s new Scholarship Advising Service. Also offered at the center are the advising services of the International Office on study abroad programs and those of the EU Office on ERASMUS exchange.
This project was made possible through funding from the University of Freiburg itself and the State of Baden-Württemberg as well as from private donors. The booster association Alumni Freiburg e.V. contributed a total of 40,000 euros in donations from former students. Thanks to generous donations from Alumni Freiburg e.V., the foyer of the new Student Service Center is equipped with all of the amenities you would expect from a modern service center. Among other things, it features a modern service counter and two computer terminals at the quick information desk, enabling current and prospective students to look up any information they might need right at the center. Next to the quick information desk is a hotline with a total of six workspaces where students can request answers to their questions by telephone and e-mail. Some of the alumni donations also went toward the installation of a modern telephone system and sound-proof workspaces.


Studi TZ

Practice Until You Become a Doctor
Since winter semester 2008/2009, Freiburg medical students can specifically train their medical and communi­cative skills: At the Stu­dent Training Center (StudiTZ) the students practice standard techni­ques on synthetic mo­dels.


Amplifier for Uni Big Band
Alumni Freiburg e.V. supported the Uni Big Band in purchasing a new amplifier.


The University’s Detention Cell
Renovating the historic university prison was a long-desired project by our University. Alumni Freiburg e.V. is happy to have been able to support the project.


A Stage for the Peterhof Cellar
What is a cultural center without a stage? With the help of Alumni e.V. the renovated Peterhof Cellar, the cultural heart of our University, was equipped with a new stage.


Pavilion on the Schauinsland for teaching purposes In 2000, a new pavilion, which provides further space for seminars, was built on the Schauinsland thanks to many donations of our alumni.