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Purpose of Donation: Student Projects

With your help, we can achieve a lot!

Thanks to numerous donations, both big and small, from our alumni and alumnae, we can support many projects of our students.

Alumni Freiburg e.V. awards an annual Alumni Prize for students in various fields of study. The prize encourages and helps students who pursue to accomplish academic achievements. Alumni Prize winner, Letizia Malottke, clarifies why the prize is so important: “For me it was an honor to receive the Alumni Freiburg e.V. prize. It motivated me to formulate my thesis and dissertation.”

The alumni prize for social engagement is annually awarded to students, who are extraordinarily committed to our society. With the Alumni Prize we support and encourage the awarded students to continue with their social engagement. Due to donations of our Alumni we were able to support, for instance, Dunja Khoury, an ambitious Psychology student, who has been very dedicated to helping Syrian children in Germany. This is an example of extraordinary student commitment, which has been supported and appreciated through the prize of 2000 Euros.

Field trips are a great enrichment to one’s studies, but unfortunately, they can require a considerable financial contribution. Your donation allows us to make grants to our students und open opportunities for unforgettable research.

Student Activity Groups including the “Uni Big band” or the “aka-Film club” create important added value for the students, teachers and guests in every day university life. These groups are also promoted by Alumni Freiburg e.V.

A training opportunity for emergencies is provided through the equipment from the Student Training Center (StudiTZ) under the medical department and has been extended through Alumni Freiburg. The new training backpack and technical devices, including resuscitation bags, and pulse oximeters, as well as a training defibrillator, enables a realistic training for students.


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