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Fundraising Project Archaeology - Where studying means research

Early cultures can be experienced with the help of our ancient collection, and this a lot more intensely than by simply listening to a lecture or reading research articles.

This is due to the fact that our collection has a lot more to offer than the regular study plan stipulates: here students become researchers. The precious archaeological discoveries as well as the excellent contacts of curator Dr. Jens-Arne Dickmann provide the students with the opportunity to set up their very own exhibitions. In so doing, the students do not only learn how to conduct their own research but they get to know the whole spectrum of their profession.

Here, stones become alive – the Archaeological Collection introduces itself

Within the rooms of the former paper depot of the Herder-Verlag, the Archaeological Collection displays 2,000 original pieces from over 2,500 years of Greek, Etruscan, and Roman antiquity: from the beginning of 2nd century BC to 5th century AD. And there is more: ancient reproductions of Greek and Roman sculptures, parts of the Roman temple in Baalbek and numerous ancient artworks on loan.

New treasures are added to the collection by way of gift. Nevertheless, as important are private financial contributions with which loaned pieces can be brought to Freiburg.

A once in a lifetime opportunity for our students...

In cooperation with the famous Ancient Collection in Berlin, students can select archaeological artefacts and conduct research using their own scientific criteria. The pieces originate from the classical and Hellenistic era (5th – 1st century BC) and lie completely unexamined in storage since their excavation in the late 19th and early 20th century. The students work towards an exhibition, which will take place in Freiburg as well as in Berlin, and which aims at presenting some of the unknown treasures of the past to the general public.

...only with your support!

Around 10,000 Euros are necessary in order to realize this unique project since the transportation, the insurance, the cleaning and setting up of the pieces alone has its costs which the University is not able to bear without the help of private donors.

This is how your donation helps:

  • with 20€, you can already help us with the costs for transportation and insurance
  • 50 € significantly help to print the students' exhibition catalogue
  • 100 € is the approximate cost for the set-up of one of the bigger archaeological pieces
  • starting with 250€, you adopt a piece of the collection (transportation, cleaning, set-up, labelling)
  • with 500€, you help financing the research trip of one of our students to Berlin

And this is how we say “Thank you!”:

  • all donors are invited to the opening of the exhibition as well as to an exclusive tour with Dr. Dickmann and his students
  • starting with 50€, you will be named (with your approval) on the Alumni-Website
  • starting with 250€, donors adopting an archaeological artefact will be thanked on the pedestal of “their” exhibit
  • donors of 500€ and more will be invited to a tour through the workshop of the Archaeological Collection, which is not open to the public


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